The key word which is the racie everywhere here in London, is "amaze". Fashion and styles conformed to only a "bagarre", in which sex, only meant like a provocation, joy of living is over looking music, cinema, litterature, mass media and obviusly the entertainment. Every week a new pub is going to open in a city where you can count more than 10 thousands of pus and discoes.

After the death of 80's, gone the yuppies, swept away the honest behavior tipical in England, in this part of the end of century the fancy and the lunacy, which has always characterized the capital during the great cultural revolutions, has broken ou madly. Plastic, rubber and cellophane are the new materials: here you are not going to dress, but to disguise yourself. New shopping paradises are the English fashion designer who invaded high streets.


Erotic design exibition at Design Museum.
The Fetish market on the second sunday of every month: all about fetishes.
To be dressed up at Children of Vision, visionary hairdresser.
Oxo Tower, must of Art and Craft in London: furnitures, textures, jewels.
New Bluebird, a real paradise for greedies and gourmet.
On saturday afternoon, brunch in the second part of Portobello Road.
Bungee jump on the week-ends.
Saatchi collection, modern art exibition in 3000 square meters.