Do you want to enjoy a funny night? Come in Milan: you're sure not to get bored. Boys and girls in this crazy city belie their reputation to be all familiar or church-goer or worker. We've taken a ride around the coolest meeting-points of the city during aperitif time and we found very nice, flaming and very coloured teen-agers. Going around the pubs beetween a drink and one another we were caught by the night beating to imminent metropolitan sounds. You can find a lots of night-bird's temples in Milan, for example "Bar Giamaica", "Le scimmie" and the eternal "Bar Magenta". We went into these pubs which, even though they're not so famous, are absolutely special for the atmosphere they create, for the music, the graffiti and in particular for the teen-agers who fill them. Here guys are free to make their fashion, free to choose, to mix and to explain. Everybody has not his own particular and unique style, and nobody gives up to take part to a group or an hurban tribe in which he can identify himself, because look, piercings,tatooes has not something more than a simple aesthetic aim.