Like in other cities all over europe, in Paris there is a great variety of styles; the meeting take place in a district called "miss tic's ball", the sweetest graffiti in Paris. Long ago she used to live here and to paint on the walls her famous silhouette accompained with phrases like: "Let's loose life to take it!", "I found love and i forgot it". Now she has moved but, even if building speculation is putting forward unrestrainedly, you can still meet her works all around the district. The square made up by streets behind the Bastiglia, in the 11th arrondissiment, that takes place from rue de la Roquette to rue Keller and rue de Charonne, is still a center where young people coming from different countries, loving different fashions and styles is used to meet. Both during the day and during the night they make an appointement in front of acid hyper-coloured or full of 70's fashion shop-window, or in front of oriental grocer's or bookstores which sell forbidden books. This is the most exciting district in Paris, in which tolerance is always in the air. Here you can find punks, rasta, skinheads, decaying artists, young homosexuals, indians, chinees and russians live altogether!